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【yabo亚博登陆】【观察】残阵尤文给升班马送温暖 皮尔洛又交一场学费
名称:【yabo亚博登陆】【观察】残阵尤文给升班马送温暖 皮尔洛又交一场学费

Sports Weekly All Media Reporter in Italy Chen Shuolin


Crotone, who lost three games in a row at the start of Serie A, can get the first points on Juventus, which may be unexpected for many people. However, the newly promoted horses did their best in the game, while the defending champion did not come up with the required level. In addition, in the second half of the game, Pirlo also had to accept the second draw in the beginning of the season.

克罗托内(Crotone)在意甲(Serie A)开始时连续输了三场比赛,可以在尤文图斯(Jventus)上获得第一分,这对于许多人来说可能是出乎意料的。但是,新晋级的马匹在比赛中尽力而为,而卫冕冠军却没有提出要求的等级。此外,在比赛的下半场,皮尔洛还不得不在赛季初接受第二轮平局。

Considering that the team will go to Ukraine to play in the Champions League group stage next Tuesday, Pirlo has appropriately rotated the lineup to a certain extent. The main goalkeeper Szczesny will rest this round and Buffon will be able to complete his 650th appearance in Serie A. . The younger generations such as Fraporta and Portanova also got the chance to make their debut. Among them, it is undoubtedly a bold personnel arrangement to let Portanova and Kulusevsky partner in the frontcourt attack. Little Chiesa, who returned from the national team, did not take a break and got the chance to make his debut for the Bianconeri.

考虑到球队将在下周二前往乌克兰参加欧洲冠军联赛小组赛,皮尔洛已经适当调整了阵容。主要的守门员Szczesny将在本轮休息,而Buffon将能够完成他在意甲的第650次出场。 Fraporta和Portanova等年轻一代也有机会首次亮相。其中,无疑是让Portanova和Kulusevsky搭档前场进攻的大胆人事安排。从国家队归来的小基耶萨(Little Chiesa)没休息片刻,就有机会为比安科内里(Bianconeri)出道。

Crotone, who was not optimistic before the game, overwhelmed Juventus after the opening. The first goal in the 12th minute was also a reward for the team's pride in the opening stage. When Reza rushed into the penalty area at high speed, Danilo didn't even realize that someone was behind him. Bonucci was also slowing down while doing defensive actions, giving his opponent a chance to take a penalty.


It took about 20 minutes for the Bianconeri to slowly find the form, and then Morata equalized the score. The 20-year-old Portanova was more than passionate, but he didn't seem calm enough to attack the other two on the line. At the end of the first half, the partner created a chance for him to become a hero, but the Juventus teenager did not grasp it.

Bianconeri花了大约20分钟的时间慢慢找到表格,然后Morata将比分平均化。 20岁的Portanova充满热情,但他似乎还不够冷静,无法攻击线上的yabo亚博其他两个人。在上半场结束时,伴侣为他创造了成为英雄的机会,但尤文图斯的少年并没有把握住这一机会。

Pirlo kept a few backs for the game, but just went out to play Quadrado, and Chiesa, who had just sent an assist for Morata in the first half, got a red card and left the game. Just like Bonucci’s sending points in the penalty area in the first half, the Juventus players’ characteristics in these two fouls are that they lag slightly behind. Crotone’s players have already done their moves before they finish their kicks. Easy to suffer.


Strictly speaking, although Chiesa stomped on Chigarini, he did not commit a red card. Bonucci’s fouls in the penalty area in the first half were even worse. If the same standards are used, Chiesa is given A yellow card is enough. But Juventus was sent off directly on the 22nd. His Juventus debut ended in a regrettable manner. The Italian also created an embarrassing record. Serie A has implemented a three-point system so far. He is the first to play for Juventus. A new player who was sent off by a red card during his debut. To


Juventus had to deal with the situation of one less player in two consecutive games, while Crotone defended vigorously, but even so, the team's defense still looked a little messy under the impact of the visiting team. However, luck was not on Pirlo’s side. Morata had two scoring opportunities in the second half, one was blocked by the goalpost, and the other time the ball had been sent into the goal, but the referee decided to score after watching VAR. The ball is invalid, the Spaniard's offside range can only be measured in millimeters.


A draw cannot satisfy Pirlo, but after all, the team is short of major players and there are still a few young players on the field: "We are a young and strong team, but it is still growing, so we need time. Young people also have it. You must make mistakes."


In addition, Juventus’s preparation time before the game was relatively hurried, and Pirlo considered it to be the reason for not playing at a normal level: “The players only returned from the national team on Thursday. We simulated some plans during training yesterday, such as When attacking, we have to play deeper. In short, our goals are made in this way. We have made some mistakes on the right side, but this is normal. We don’t have time to get in. We have to be together. Keep practicing, even for a short while." There are still two days before the Champions League group stage starts, and Pirlo still has some time to adjust his thinking.


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