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Crazy 50 shots in the two games, no one would have thought that Serie A small club Sassuolo became the team with the most shots per game in the top five European leagues. Even the current leaders of the Premier League and La Liga have fewer shots than Sassuolo in the case of multiple games. In last night’s game, Sassuolo defeated the newly promoted Mas Pezia 4-1 in the away game, and again completed 17 shots. Compared with the first round of shooting 33 shots and scoring only 1 goal, they greatly improved this round. Breaking efficiency.


Last season, Sassuolo’s total number of shots taken throughout the season was 553, ranking 10th in Serie A, but 69 goals created a single-season scoring record in team history, even if the 20 teams in Serie A ranked the highest in the number of goals , Also ranked sixth, second only to the top 5 strong teams. Sassuolo's offensive ability was not a short-lived last season. This season, they have continued their smooth offensive under the collective efforts of Caputo, Berardi and new aid D Freil.


In the first game, facing Cagliari shot 33 feet and only scored 1 goal, although some inefficiency, but also to see Cagliari goalkeeper Cranio completed 8 saves open and hang performance. The first round was tied by Cagliari, Sassuolo was just a matter of poor luck and his performance in the first game of the season. Under the coaching of coach De Zelby, Sassuolo's pleasing offensive tactics are unique among the middle and lower Serie A teams, and De Zelby before has become a model of the new generation of Serie A coaches.

在第一场比赛中,面对卡利亚里射门的33英尺只进了1球,虽然效率低下,但也看到卡利亚里门将克拉尼奥完成了8次保存的开门和吊门表现。第一回合被卡利亚里追平,萨索洛只是运气不好和他在本赛季第一场比赛中的表现。在De Zelby教练的指导下,Sassuolo令人愉悦的进攻策略在意甲中低级球队中是独一无二的,而De Zelby之前已成为新一代意甲教练的榜样。

Captain Berardi scored a penalty this round and became the first Sassuolo player to score in Serie A for eight consecutive seasons. He is also the best scorer in Sassuolo team history. In addition, last season's top scorer Caputo also contributed 1 goal and 1 assist in this game. He is the local player who has made the most goals in Serie A since the epidemic this year. In the past 15 Serie A appearances, he contributed 9 goals4 The number of assists is amazing.


Serie A is showing very different characteristics from the past. Last season's strongest firepower team Atalanta scored 98 goals and proud of Serie A, and Sassuolo is the next big firepower output. The current average of 25 shots per game ranks first in the five major leagues, leading the second-ranked Naples as many as 15 shots. In the absence of absolute big-name stars, their performance is worthy of admiration. In the next round, they will meet another newly promoted Macrotone at home, not knowing what kind of offensive frenzy will be set off.


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