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Europa League 2020-10-23 Friday at 3:00 am, AC Milan will be a guest against the Celtics. Today I will briefly talk about what Milan fans might be concerned about. To


1. The Celtics have been able to qualify from the Europa League group for 3 consecutive seasons, but were eliminated in the 1/16 finals 3 times.


2. The Celtics had 4 wins and 1 loss at home in 5 European games last year, but lost 1-3 to the Danish team Copenhagen, during which they also defeated the Serie A team Lazio 2-1.


3. In order to play Milan in this game, the Celtics deliberately made a rotation in the league (which can also be said to have suffered a major injury), so that the Celtics lost 0-2 at home to their deadly enemy Gera in the last round of the Super League. Sigg Wanderers suffered their first defeat in the league of the season, and their 8-game winning streak in all competitions also failed. In the past 10 league games, the Celtics have scored 25 goals and their offensive power is not weak.

3.为了在这场比赛中打入米兰,凯尔特人故意在联赛中轮换(也可以说是遭受了严重的伤病),因此凯尔特人在主场以0-2输给了他们致命的敌人格拉。超级联赛的最后一轮。希克·流浪者(Sigg Wanderers)在本赛季联赛中首次失利,他们在所有比赛中的8连胜也失败了。在过去的10场联赛中,凯尔特人队已攻入25球,进攻能力并不弱。



1. Celtic forward Oudi Sanne Eduardo was the team's top scorer with 27 goals and 19 assists in all competitions last season, but this round of Europa League will be missed because of the new crown diagnosis.

1.凯尔特人前锋奥迪·桑内·爱德华多(Oudi Sanne Eduardo)是上赛季所有比赛中27个进球和19次助攻的最佳射手,但由于重新获得了冠冕的诊断,本轮欧罗巴联赛将被错过。

2. AC Milan's midfield organization core Charhan Olu also missed the UEFA Europa League due to injury this round, the main left winger Rebic is still unable to play (injury + suspension).

2. AC米兰的中场组织核心Charhan Olu由于本轮受伤而错过了欧洲联盟的比赛,主力左路边锋Rebic仍然无法上场(受伤+停赛)。

3. The Celtics include the main forward Edward, midfielder Christie and Beaton, and defender Hatem, who have recently been tested positive for the new crown. Whether they can play in this field can only be determined on the spot, winger Forrester And midfielder Johnston may return from injury. Milan played their main role in the derby. Many players, including Casey, Ben Nasser, Special Olympics, Calabria, and Kjaer, have been almost full since the start of the game. It is very likely that these positions will be played a lot in this game. Strategic rotation.

3.凯尔特人队包括主要的前锋爱德华,中场克里斯蒂和比顿,以及后卫哈特姆,他们最近都被测试为新冠。他们是否可以在这个领域打球只能在现场确定,边锋福雷斯特和中场约翰斯顿可能会从受伤中复出。米兰在德比大战中发挥了主要作用。自游戏开始以来,包括凯西(Casey),本·纳赛尔(Ben Nasser),特奥会,卡拉布里亚(Calabria)和克雅尔(Kjaer)在内的许多球员都已经快满了。这些位置很可能会在这场比赛中扮演很多角色。战略轮换。



The Italian sky sports station predicts that AC Milan will start 11 players as follows:


Donaruma; dalot, keyar, romanioli, Teo Hernandez; tonali, Casey; castilejo, Brahim DIAS, kloneich; IBU.

唐纳鲁玛; Dalot,Keyar,Romagnoli,Teo Hernandez; tonali,凯西;卡斯蒂列霍(Castillejo),布拉欣·戴斯(Brahim DIAS),克洛尼奇(kloneich);母亲。



Laxalt, who is loaned to the Celtics, and the central defender Ayer, who is linked to AC Milan by Real Hammer, will definitely try their best against Milan. You can observe.

租借给凯尔特人队的拉沙特(Laxalt)和由皇家汉默(Real Hammer)与AC米兰联系的中央后卫艾耶(Ayer)肯定会尽力对抗米兰。您可以观察。

Celtics' new striker Albian Ayetti is in good condition with 5 goals in 7 games this season, and 4 of them are on the bench. He is a bench killer worth noting.

凯尔特人队的新前锋阿尔本·阿耶蒂(Albian Ayetti)本赛季状况良好,在7场比赛中有5个进球,其中有4个坐在板凳上。他是个替补杀手。

AC Milan’s Tonali may usher in his first starter. There has been no complete time to prove himself before. As Milan’s standard king this summer, he desperately needs such an opportunity.


Dalot should have a chance to play. In this first show, everyone usually waits and sees. It is a pleasant surprise to play well, but also to be patient if he did not play well.




To sum up, in this game, AC Milan or a strategic rotation, the Celtics or strive to prove themselves. If you think the article is good, you can discuss it together in the comment section, and pay attention to my headline or Weibo: [Milan Featured Review], I will continue to bring selected Milan news and reviews.

综上所述,在这场比赛中,AC米兰还是战略轮换,凯尔特人还是努力证明自己。如果您认为这篇文章不错,可以在评论部分中进行讨论,并关注我的标题或微博:[Milan Featured Review],我将继续带队精选的Milan新闻和评论。

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